Testimonial From Rosemary THe Celtic Lady. USA, UK, CA

"I highly recommend Timon. He is an amazing healer and astrologer, who  is very thoughtful, kind compassionate and understanding.

He has amazing insight into a persons well being and what is good for them"

Rosemary The Celtic Lady

Founder of the American, Canadian & UK Associations of Psychics & Healers

Testimonial From Phillipa


"A truly insightful and valuable experience! I felt very comfortable and the knowledge was highly accurate and  beneficial to my life. Timon is gifted, warm of heart and generous with his time. He takes care to do due diligence research before the reading, which is delivered in a meaningful way. You can feel its his true passion in life - to help people. Highly recommend!”
Hope you like it … let me know if you would like anything changed :) 
I think you’re doing great work Timon and we need that in this world. 
God bless, Phillipa

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